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Previously at The Vitality Center

July 21, 2012 PSYCH K: Propels You to Your Desires and Dreams
July 8, 2012 Take Back Your Power to Be Calm
June 29, 2012 Happy, Joyous, and Free
June 15, 2012 Abundant Self Love with Edie Weinstein
June 1, 2012 Say Goodbye To Clutter with Gayle Crist
June 10, 2012 Menopause: A Transition That Can Rock Your World with Dr. Wendy Warner
May 25, 2012 May I Be Frank
May 11, 2012 "Sedona" movie
March 30, 2012 "The Shift" w/ Dr Wayne Dyer
March 9, 2012 "FoodMatters"
February 19, 2012 "Thrive"
February 10, 2012 "I Am"
January 1, 2012 "Cancer is Curable Now" 
November 18, 2011 "Ghetto Physics"
November 11, 2011 "My 5 Weeks Away" Workshop



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