Your First Visit

Dr. Burger is always happy to provide a no-charge phone or office consultation, allowing you to speak with her regarding your problem with no commitments attached. However, the best way to know if she can help you is to have her conduct a thorough examination to find out as much as she can about you and your condition.

Your first visit to Riverside Chiropractic & Vitality Center will give you an opportunity to find out if Chiropractic can help you. You can expect to be in the office for approximately 60 minutes.

To insure that your first visit is a pleasant one, here are the procedures you can expect on your first visit. There will be someone to assist you each step along the way.

~ Health Questionnaire: You will complete a confidential case history to help us get to know you. Dr. Burger will use this information to help formulate the recommendations for your care.

~ Patient Education: To acquaint you with our office and explain how we help our patients regain their health, we will be showing you a short video.

~ Consultation: Dr. Burger will meet with you and discuss your health history, to determine if chiropractic care will benefit you or your child.

~ Examination: Physical, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic tests will be performed to determine the cause of your problem. A computerized spinal analysis will also be performed to detect muscle tension and imbalance. A computerized foot scan will also be performed to assess your foundation and posture.

~ Diagnostic Imaging: Necessary x-ray views may be recommended to visualize the location of any spinal problems, reveal any pathologies, and make your chiropractic care more precise. To see is to know, not to see is to guess, and we won't guess about your health.

~ Correlation: Before proper care can be rendered the doctor will review your examination, analyze your x-rays and make specific recommendations for care.

In most cases, the doctor will not adjust a patient on the first visit. The doctor will review your findings in great detail and on the following visit present to you her findings and proposed schedule of care. You will begin your adjustments on that day and any other treatments that your condition would necessitate.

It is important to remember that Dr. Burger believes in natural healing, including chiropractic treatments, acupressure, rehabilitation, massage therapy, homeopathy, diet/nutrition, Neuro-Emotional technique, and stress reduction techniques. However, if she feels that you would also benefit from the referral to another health professional, that would also be made at this time.