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Dr. Burger is offering 
focused "power sessions" combining her creative adjusting techniques, NET mind/body clearing that releases stress held in the body, and laser coaching.  

30 minute sessions are $90.

Appointments must be scheduled in advance and are not covered by insurance. 

An option to purchase 6 sessions for $497 is available.

Ready to jump in?  

Feel free to contact Dr. Burger directly at 


Our Theme for 2016 is 

“Embracing the Deep Mystery of Wholeness.”

An adventure in reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and the world.

What is our part in this intelligent universe, and how can we as human beings express our true potential in all aspects of our lives? 
Through a series of events and workshops we will explore how our physical health, emotional health and health of our planet, depend on how we exist in relationship to all.

We say we are ONE, that we are all connected, part of one divine consciousness...yet how do we really LIVE that way?!

Our weekend workshop unlike any you have attended! 

June 25 & 26, 2016
James Lorah Auditorium 
Doylestown, Pa.

Explore and play with us:

Philip Shepherd - Radical Wholeness: an experiential workshop in living in the embodied present, and creating clarity in a chaotic world. Author of New Self, New World. 

Dr. Susan Burger Just Stop it!:  Playing with the flow of life and YOUR part in the Deep Mystery. 

Yanni Maniates - When you Remember Who You Are, You Forget Who You Weren't!:  How to Experience Your Essential Nature of Oneness.

Gabriel Cavazos Bio-Environmental Design and Project ARCOTU - Living in community and harmony with the sacred geometries of life and nature, through the understanding of creation's Primordial Language.

Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry expert and Mandala artist.   Understanding Sacred Geometry, the patterns of all life, and why it matters.  YOU are sacred geometry too! (make your own mandala)

More info to come!

I’ve been published in the article below about the healing effects of N.E.T.!

Locate and Release Stress in the 

Body Using Neuro Emotional Technique

by Michelle Bense

Stress responses do not live entirely in the brain, as emotional stresses. Other parts of the body can hold stress responses as well - think of the feelings of “butterflies” in the stomach or a “lump” in the throat. Neuro-emotional technique (NET) can identify where those negative response patterns exist - whether we are aware of it or not - and help release them. 

NET is a mind-body technique that ...(keep reading)


“Feelings are sometimes difficult to discover, and often even more difficult to acknowledge. Yet hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth.” - Neale Donald Walsch

Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, call to experience an NET session, and free yourself from old beliefs and perceptions that can hold you back!  

It is my honor to offer you a session for $60, 
a 3rd of the regular cost!



or write me at DrB@LiveWithVitality.com

Our acupuncturist Lynne Martin is available Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Vitality Center!
Contact her at 609 240-7281

 You can also try Stress Reduction Acupuncture with Lynne at Yoga Love 
in Yardley, Pa. on Dec. 13th, 3-5pm.

 The session will include auricular acupuncture, relaxing music, candles & aromatherapy. Bring your yoga mat! 

In today’s world, stress in an inevitable part of life. We all succumb to stress in various ways. 

It has been proven that stress can be an underlying cause of many physical and emotional problems.

Join us for an afternoon of auricular (ear) acupuncture with Lynne Martin, licensed acupuncturist, 

using the NADA protocol, a well known form of acupuncture used all over the world.

The ear is a micro system of the body, and by needling certain points in the ear, results can be felt throughout the physical body, as well as the mind.

The NADA protocol works by calming the central nervous system, and releasing endorphins.

This is an effective way to reduce stress in the following ways:

* Alleviate anxiety

* Relieve nervous tension

* Decrease heart rate

* Lower blood pressure

* Increase energy

* Improve sleep 

Call for more information or to register! 

To Register: Contact Amy atliveyogalovelife.com or yogalovestudio@gmail.com

Information: Lynne 609 240-7281

Our beautiful reception and workshop area

Rosey, our resident cockatiel, just had his 19th birthday!

About Dr. Susan Burger

Described as “a healer in every sense of the word,” Dr. Susan Burger specializes in aligning body, mind, and spirit for complete vitality in health and in life.  For nearly 30 years, Dr. Susan has provided a nurturing, caring atmosphere for wellness and healing as the owner/director of Dr. Susan Burger's Vitality Center—a thriving, multi-practitioner, holistic health center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  A sought-after speaker, educator, and holistic life catalyst, she brings her extensive experience and training together as she guides people toward self-love and self-care; connecting with earth and spirit; and living consciously and authentically. 
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Major League Baseball Pitchers Depend on Chiropractic
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