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Dr. Susan Burger's Vitatlity Center

presents the movie



Friday, April 25th at 7pm

No charge/donations accepted


Find real solutions to reclaim

your life and your future.

THRIVE "lifts the veil

on what's really going on

by following the money



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Morrisville, Pa. 19067

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Described as “a healer in every sense of the word,” Dr. Susan Burger specializes in aligning body, mind, and spirit for complete vitality in health and in life.  For nearly 30 years, Dr. Susan has provided a nurturing, caring atmosphere for wellness and healing as the owner/director of Dr. Susan Burger's Vitality Center—a thriving, multi-practitioner, holistic health center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  A sought-after speaker, educator, and holistic life catalyst, she brings her extensive experience and training together as she guides people toward self-love and self-care; connecting with earth and spirit; and living consciously and authentically. 
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Dr. Susan Burger

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Dr. Susan Burger



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Theresa Macy, LMT, CPDMT, RYT
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Lynne Martin, MS, L.Ac.                        Georgia Kunz, LMT

Acupuncture                                                                     Gentle Yoga for All Ages

Stress Reduction Acupuncture                                    


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